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material flow solutions

With years of experience in the industry, we provide a wide variety of solutions to help deal with all your material flow and transportation problems. Our expert team can help to refine and optimise your production processes for more effective and efficient results

VSS supplies solutions for:

  • Relieving product obstructions
  • Avoiding bridging and rat-holing
  • Feeding small parts
  • Loosening stubborn adhesions
  • Maintaining product flow
  • Reducing lumps in bulk materials
  • Compaction of bulker bags
  • Driving feeders and conveyors
  • Avoiding clogging
  • Sieving bulk materials
  • Compacting moulding sand
  • Stress relieving small parts
  • Testing components
  • Feeding small quantities
  • Conveying raw material
  • Filling containers
  • Knocking off sticky material
  • Cleaning filters
  • Spreading bulk material
  • Concrete compaction
  • De-moulding foundry parts
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