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Two stylesof rail wagon unloaders are available. These are specifically designed to move damp, poorly flowing materials from rail wagons, without the need for operators to handle heavy vibration equipment. The operator is not subjected to physical ‘jarring’, and the non-impacting vibrator helps to ensure low noise levels.

Both models are attached by vacuum (from built-in generators) to the wagon, and the powerful pneumatic vibrator does the rest of the work. Only one air connection is required to operate both the suction system and the vibrator.

Vibrator is the powerful NTS 50/10 and is used on both models, with the vacuum system being laid out differently to suit the available space. Noise levels are less than 80dB A.

Of course, these models can be used on any application which needs a portable attachment with strong vibratory force.

The Vac 40Muses 4 suction cups laid out 2 x 2 with manual switches to operate the vacuum and the vibrator independently.

The Vac 200/4Tuse 4 cups in line, each with independent vacuum generators and has a simple push button to switch on the generators, with a short delay time before the vibrator automatically starts. A second push button stops the whole system immediately. The operator does not need to hold the unit while the vibrator is operating reducing OH&S issues.

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Rail Wagon Unloading Vibrator


Vibrating Rail Wagon Unloader

VAC 200/4T

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