pneumatic rotary vibrators

Ball rotary vibrator

In this model, a ball is rotated by air pressure around the inside of a hardened steel race, providing an out of balance force. Changing the inlet air pressure varies the speed of rotation and the force output. 
Pneumativ Ball Rotary Vibrator

Roller rotary vibrator

Similar to the ball rotary vibrator, the roller model provides an out-of-balance force. This works by applying air pressure around the inside of a hardened steel race.
Pneumatic Roller Rotary Vibrators

Turbine rotary vibrator

In the turbine model, an out-of-balance turbine is held in bearings while being rotated. In this case, there is no metal-to-metal contact, which offers a much quieter operation with no lubrication required.
Pneumatic Turbine Rotary Vibrators
Varying the air inlet pressure of all three models will change the frequency and force of vibration.
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