Feeders & Conveyors 

What’s the difference?

Feeders give an accurately controlled flow from a hopper to a production process. It make be a small additive to help the process or it may a larger amount to be mixed with other products.

Whatever your feeder needs may be, we’re sure to be able to find a solution that suits you.

We favour pneumatic drive as feed velocity and amplitude is more easily controlled by simple pneumatic controls, but we also manufacture electric motor drive models.

Conveyors  simply transport material from one point to another, without any regulation of material quantity. Using Netter FlexiLink technologyand pneumatic drive, VSS can supply conveyors up to 10m long with control of amplitude and speed to give you optimum performance.

Ezi Pack

EziPack feeders are an excellent solution when it comes to optimising your production processes. These feeders are pneumatically operated and designed to give very accurate control of feed rate. Feed speed and amplitude are independently controlled to optimise performance on the specific product. They can also be linked via an electronic scale to an electro-pneumatic controller to give rapid fill with slow top-up to achieve highly accurate weighing.
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Ezipack Feeders


VSS will make special purpose feeders to suit your specific needs, with either twin electric motor or pneumatic drive. Just send information your process requirements and we will be happy to design and build a suitable feeder for you.

Resonance Conveyors

Are you looking for an effective way to speed up your production processes without sacrificing on space?  With FlexiLink technology, VSS can supply conveyors with the support structure smaller than the tray, meaning a great saving on the space needed. The pneumatic drive is by an NTK piston vibrator which is installed under the tray, and uses the resonant frequency of specially designed fibreglass blade springs.togive you enhanced tray speeds of up to 40m/min without taking up any more space. Control is by standard pneumatic valves.
Resonance Conveyor Solutions
Resonance conveyor solutions
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