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Sometimes a permanent mounting is not necessary, for instance if the hopper is hired, or flow is only a problem under certain circumstances. VSS can offer solutions to this problem with various semi-permanent mounting methods.

Vacuum Mounting

Vacuum mounted vibration installation
Suction cups are attached to plates carrying the vibrator. The plates have integral vacuum generators, and only one airline supply is required to operate both the vacuum and the vibrators. The plates are of varying sizes to carry the different vibrator models.

Wedge Mounting

Wedge Mounted Vibration Options
A vee shaped block is inserted into a vee shaped socket to allow the easy movement of vibrators from one position to another. The socket is welded to a channel in the usual manner with the vibrator mounted to a carry plate bolted to the male wedge.

QR Mounting

QR Mounting Vibration Options

Originally designed for a specific vibrator model, primarily used for concrete formwork, this method can now be used for a variety of vibrators with a special adaptor.  A tongue fits under a lip, with a hinged bolt to keep the vibrator firmly in place.

The QR clamp is welded to a channel as above.

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