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Pneumatic Linear 

What are pneumatic piston vibrators?

Pneumatic piston vibrators are basically an oscillating piston inside a cylinder.There are no valves required to change the piston direction and the units are completely self-contained. Depending on the model, the piston bodies are steel or aluminium with many models being available in stainless steel to handle aggressive wash down environments. In all models frequency and force is changed by adjusting the inlet air pressure, with amplitude changes by throttling the exhaust air flow in many models.

What’s the difference between impacting and non-impacting?

In non-impacting types , a self-generated air cushion eliminates metal-to-metal impact at each end of the piston stroke, reducing noise levels and stress on the hopper wall. Throttling the exhaust air flow with the supplied exhaust restrictor will increase the air cushion at each end of the stroke and reduce the amplitude of the vibrator.

While many companies adapt and modify impact models, all of our non-impacting units are specifically designed to operate that way.

Impacting models operate in a similar manner but the piston hits a metal strike plate to give a solid metal-to-metal impact. Some models have an elastomer insert to reduce noise, while still giving good force. 

Non-impacting models


·        Linear vibration

·        Instantaneous stop when air supplied is turned off, no ‘run-down’

·        Smaller models hard coated aluminium bodies, with integral start spring.

·        Larger models have steel bodies with air start facility.

·        Nominal frequency from 827 min -1 to 9,040 min-1

·        Centrifugal force 40N to 21 808 N

·        Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately

·        Synchronous operation possible (NTS 350 and higher)

One of our pneumatic vibrators


·         Linear vibration

·         Instantaneous stop when air supplied is turned off, no ‘run-down’

·         Most models available with either aluminium or steel bodies

·         Centrifugal force from 15N to 1505N in standard installation

·         Piston extends from the body when in operation allowing the addition of                  weights to give extra force output.

·         Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately



The pneumatic linear vibrators series NTS and NTK are suitable for a broad range of applications, including conveying, compacting, and loosening bulk material. They are especially useful for helping damp materials or larger size product flow from hoppers and chutes.

They are also used as drives for vibrating tables, feeders and conveyors.

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Impacting models

NTP continuous impacting

·         Aluminium body

·         Elastomer impact insert as standard

·         Available with steel impact plate, or air cushion

·         Nominal frequency 1328 min-1 to 8784 min-1

·         Force output 190N to 2029N

·         Available in stainless steel


PKL single impact

This model utilises air pressure to hold a piston against a spring in the cylinder. On release of the pressure, the spring ‘fires’ the piston against the impact plate.

·         Aluminium or steel body depending upon model

·         Larger models have steel or optional stainless steel body

·         Operation by manual control, PLC or integrated auto firing system

·         Elastomer insert available to reduce impact noise.



VSS high-quality P and NTP series vibrators are great for moving damp and sticky material from hoppers and down chutes.

PKL models were developed to remove ‘skins’, as in spray dryers, from hopper walls.

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NTS Pneumatic Non-impacting Vibrator
NTK Pneumatic Non-impacting Vibrator
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