Electric Vibrating Motors

Electric NEA, NEG, NED, NES Vibrators

The usual problems on production lines are caused by the product sticking to the hopper walls, bridging over the hopper outlet, or sticking to itself, with only the product directly over the outlet discharging. Our experienced team can diagnose the issues with your system to provide a vibrator solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, getting your product moving again.

Product features

  • High power reserves for constant rotational speed
  • Low unit weight
  • High operational safety
  • Tropical insulation by vacuum impregnation
  • Protection class IP 66
  • Most three-phase EX 11 2D as standard (ATEX A21) - ATEX A22 available
  • Many models in stainless steel


Our NEG and NEA series electric external vibrators are generally used for whenever conveyor chutes or sieves need to be driven. However, they can also be applied to production lines to loosen material blockages and adhesions in silos.

When used on concrete forms, the smooth and even vibration products high surface quality and compaction of the concrete.

Netter NED and Cougar DC models are useful when it comes to empty trucks and other vehicles, helping to encourage the flow of materials.

The Netter series NEG high-frequency electric external vibrators were specially developed for concrete compaction in tunnel formworks, as well as in moulds used in plants that manufacture pre-fabricated parts.

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One of our electric vibrating motors
Electric NEA, NEG, NED, NEH, NES Vibrators
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