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Flow Aids & More

What are flow aids?

A flow aid is the generic term used for any device that promotes flow from hoppers and down chutes. At VSS, we have many years’ experience supplying vibrators for this purpose, ranging from a gentle action to more forceful options.

How can a flow aid help me?

The usual problems on production lines are caused by the product sticking to the hopper walls, bridging over the hopper outlet, or sticking to itself, with only the product directly over the outlet discharging. Our experienced team can diagnose the issues withinyour system to provide a vibrator solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, getting your product moving again.

Which system is right for me?

The rule of thumb is that fine, dry materials will need a high frequency, low amplitude vibration while coarser products usually respond better to low-frequency vibration. In all cases, we are trying to vibrate the product, not the hopper.

Fine/dry product

Rotary models are most often used on fine dry materials, as these materials often only need gentle vibration to make them flow. Larger particles over 40mm may need more amplitude and lower frequency.
Diagram of production line problem that needs flow aids


Damp/larger size product

Linear non-impacting models are excellent for larger sized dry product and damp materials where the extra working movement is required.
Fine and dry product vibration solutions for hoppers


Thin skins/sticky material

Impacting models are often used on sticky material or thin skins as formed in spray dryers.
Damp and large size product vibration solutions for hoppers


To find out more about our range of flow aid solutions, call our friendly team today on  1800 300 877 .
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