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Variety of electric vibrators

What are electric vibrators?

Electric vibrators consist of a specially designed motor with out-of-balance weights attached to shafts extending from each end of the rotor. These weights can be adjusted to give different force outputs within the range of the motor, but the speed of rotation (frequency) remains constant unless an external speed controller is used (VFC drive).

What are they used for?

Two-pole motors are used as flow aids, with four, six and eight-pole motors being most commonly used as drives for various machines. Our high-quality vibrating motors are all IP66.7 rated (except for five of the smaller models), with many of the two-pole models being available in either single or three phase.
  • NEA - Single phase version
  • NEG - Three phase version
  • NED - Direct current version
  • NEH – High-frequency version available in 42 volt, 250 volt and 400 volt
  • NES - Cast stainless steel version
Electric Vibration Solutions - Flow Aids
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