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Electric Vibrators (NED, NEA, NEG)
NED Series vibrating motors are 12 or 24 volt dc models, while the NEA models are 240 volt, single phase models, and the NEG are 415 volt, 3phase, The electrical installation must be by a qualified electrician to the appropriate codes.

240 and 415 volt motor must be fitted with overloads of the required size as shown in the installation manual supplied with each motor.

 Force output can be reduced by adjustment of the out-of-balance weights. This will also reduce the working movement. Frequency adjustment is by a variable-frequency drive and should be discussed with your VSS representative.

With the exception of turbine rotary, and any linear model specially designated ‘lubrication free’ all vibrators should be provided with clean (5µm filter), dry and lubricated air.

Turbines and lubrication free models still need clean, dry air.

All pneumatic vibrators can be operated by manual control, via PLC, or with timer control. Timing can be electric by solenoid or VSS can offer a fully pneumatic system with no electrical requirements.

Rotary Vibrators (ball, roller, turbine)
Changing the inlet air pressure will change the frequency and force output. The working moment will stay the same.

Linear Vibrators (P Series)
Changing the inlet air pressure will change the frequency. Amplitude is fixed.

Linear Vibrators (NTS, NTK, NTP)
Changing the inlet air pressure will change the frequency and force output. Throttling the exhaust will change the amplitude. Additionally, adding weights to the NTK series is also a method of increasing the force output and working moment.

Single Impact (PKL)
The above control  methods apply, with the addition of an optional semi-automatic firing sequence which requires no outside power source: contact your VSS office for full details.

Note: force output is reduced if air pressure above the spring rating is applied.

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