Pneumatic rotary NVR/NVG/NVT/NQT vibrators

At VSS, we provide a comprehensive range of external vibrators throughout Australia. These are suitable for all kinds of compacting, conveying and loosening of bulk materials.

Take a look at the product features and applications of the
NVR, NVG, NVT and NQT series below.

Product features

  • Circular vibration
  • Nominal frequency from 8,500 min-1 to 17,000 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 7,130 N to 62,260 N
  • Frequency infinitely variable by air pressure
  • No bearings
  • Easily and quickly removable
  • Noise-reduced design NQT


Our pneumatic external vibrators are made up of the NQT, NVG, NVR and NVT series. These are suitable for compacting, conveying, and loosening all kinds of bulk material. A special feature is the ruggedness they offer against strong varying loads – there is no danger of overload. They are also especially suitable for use on concrete formwork.
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NVR Pneumatic Rotary Vibrator
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