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pneumatic rotary NCB vibrators

At VSS, we have over 40 years of experience supplying vibrator solutions to a broad range of businesses across the country. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all the best products in the industry and the applications they’re most suitable for. The pneumatic rotary NCB vibrators are an extremely reliable option, useful for emptying bunkers and driving shoots.

Take a look at the product features and applications below.

Product features

  • Rotary vibration
  • Nominal frequency from 7,220 min-1 to 42,340 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 220 N to 4,866 N
  • Frequency continuously adjustable via air pressure
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 120°C with HT models to 200°C


Our series NCB pneumatic ball vibrators can be used wherever bulk materials need to be moved. They serve in the emptying of bunkers for preventing bridging, rat holing and adhesion. When used to drive chutes, sieves, and vibrating tables, they ensure that the material flow is maintained. These models are extremely easy to construct, so you can get them up and running quickly.
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Pneumatic Rotary NCB Vibrator
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